Both MacBook and MacBook Pro are Apple’s brilliant products, with each having their own strength and plus factors. If you browse through review sites, you may notice that both laptops actually come very close in ratings and scores and they receive overall positive comments and reviews from users. So, no matter which laptop you pick, you’ll still be bringing home a quality laptop.

When it comes to deciding whether to purchase a MacBook or the newer model, it may be difficult for you to choose if you are not aware of the differences between them. There are similarities but also stark differences in features between both laptops that you have to take note of before deciding which is the best to fulfill your computer needs.

From the outside, the MacBook spots a white chasis made of polycarbonate which increases the sensitivity of the laptop to wifi signals. If you are always on the go, securing a good wifi connection at various places may be useful to you and you’ll certainly want to travel with the MacBook in this case.
If wifi connection is not your concern and you prefer a sturdier built, go for the MacBook pro which is fully clothed in strong aluminium. It is stronger and more durable compared to MacBook.

Ports and connection
Both laptops are equipped with all the necessary connections like adapter port, Gigabit Ethernet port, mini display port and usb slots but MacBook Pro scores extra points for having additional ports for firewire 800 devices and an SD card reader.

MacBook only comes with a 13-inch screen which is a rather limited feature. So, if you require a bigger screen, you have to pick the MacBook Pro which gives you option to choose between 13, 15 and 17-inch screens. Besides, you can also opt for an antiglare screen or a glossy one with MacBook Pro while the MacBook displays only a glossy screen.

The minimum price tag which comes with MacBook Pro is about $200 more than the price of MacBook to cover for the additional goodies in MacBook Pro. So, if you have a need for the additional ports, features and options, go for the MacBook Pro.

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