Do you want a Droid X or an iPhone 4? Make your choice now as you will be getting your phone of choice for free when you participate in this offer. Enjoy web surfing at a speedy rate with clear and crisp display on the 4.3-inches screen with Droid X. You will also get to shoot videos perfected with the right resolution and options incorporated in Droid X. When it comes to iPhone 4, you should not miss its sleek build with perfectly engineered features. The multi-touch feature is simply impressive, enabling your fingers to ease through the functions and have fun shooting photos and videos with great quality. To get the smartphone, you need to complete a minimal number of offers by the sponsors. Apart from providing your personal details and answering survey questions, you need to participate in at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 4 Platinum offers before a free smartphone will be delivered to you. Get your friends to take part in the sponsor offers as well and you can be equally eligible for the free gift as making purchases. Check out these sponsor offers below which include cheap deals and free trials.

  • Refer-A-Friend: Introduce a friend to fulfill one sponsor offer, the more friends you refer, the easier it is for you to complete the sponsor requirements without paying any money.
  • Rent movies from Netflix: Get a free trial of movie rental from Netflix and enjoy cheaper monthly plans at only $8.99.
  • Now 7 DVDs for 49 cents: Be a member of Columbia House and you will get to purchase DVDs at only 49 cents each.
  • IvoryWhite Teeth Whitening: Get a free trial of this product and pay $4.87 only for shipping and processing.
  • DealMax-$25 Walmart Gift Card: Pay only $1 and try DealMax free for 7 days and you get to claim a $25 Walmart Gift Card as a member.
  • Video Professor-Free 10 Day Trial Computer Lessons: Get a free 10 day trial of learning computer programs like Word and Excel by paying only $6.95.
  • Award Winning Children’s Learning Software-Rising Star: Pay only $4.87 to get your kids a free trial of the effective learning software.
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